Clear Acrylic Rebalance + Gel polish color 
Short: $55.00

*Regular: $55.00

Long: $60.00
XL: $70.00+

This set will be a rebalance with your choice of gel polish on top 


Acrylic Color Change Fills

Short: $57.50

*Regular: $57.50

Long: $62.00
XL: $72.00+

You may pick from my huge collection of colored acrylic , inlays, baby boomers, french tip, glitter fades, net imprints, stamping foils ect 

Sarah's Choice Color change / Fill

Short: $60.00

*Regular: $60.00

Long: $67.50
  XL: $75.00+

This is for the clients who don't want to decide - For this option, you sit back and let me choose the design. If you like 3D, encapsulated 3D art, crystals, hand-painted designs and all the works then this is the option for you. You'll get a bit more this way then if you design your own set. I will take into consideration your likes and dislikes.
Sarah's Choice Character Set Fill

Short: $80.00

*Regular: $80.00

Long: $85.00
XL: $95.00

This is for the clients who want themed nails

with 1-2 hand painted characters 

the entire design is my choice but you may pick the theme and share inspiration photos.

Crystals are extra*

This will take 2-3 plus hours to complete so must be told ahead of time and book accordingly 

Shape Change Add $3.00


Overlay Color Change / Fill $45.00

You're back for a color change and this includes filing off the old color and applying a new color of Acrylic on top of your natural nails this is not including ANY extension or length this is for SHORT natural nails. You may choose full glitter or full acrylic colors or clear acrylic with a gel polish colour 

Add extra art $2.00

Add french tip $5.00



Luminary Gel polish + Strength $45

Natural nails with Luminary multi-flex gel and design 


Hand painting 

Easy hand painting starts at $2.50 
Intricate hand painting $10.00
Characters take extra time so please ask to be the last of the day. 
Per Design: Starts at $25.00+
Swarovski clusters 
$2.50 each (5-10 crystals)
Swarovski Full Nail Short
$5.00 each
Swarovski Full Nail Medium
Swarovski Full Nail Long
Specialty crystals
$1.00 each
Crystal Skulls
$3.00 each
3D acrylic simple
$2.50 each
Includes Roses, bows, baby feet, moon, stars etc
3D advanced
$5.00 each
multiple and intricate 3D includes intricate skulls
3D long nails
$10.00 each

All prices are Plus GST*

Fix between appointments


Fixes during appointments

2 free then $5.00 each

Acrylic removal $25.00

*Regular is the most common choice 


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